Marketing Under Pressure. How To Make It Possible

As the recession began to bite hard, ‘burden’ is the motto of the season. When the government faced with a bill designed to stimulate higher costs, people and companies are looking for ways to reduce their costs. With the recent reduction in VAT and public calls for banks to carry, small businesses can not ignore the data on income, as consumers retreat in large quantities.


In times of financial uncertainty, the review of business operations will highlight the work of non-essential, or more limited resources. Flash sales are usually the primary goals. It is not well disciplined and always its implementation is lacking. By and large, it is seen more as a cost center than a revenue generator to help new potential customers and business. Well conceived, planned and implemented marketing strategy can raise the profile organization in the market, in turn, strong brand recognition and loyalty, all of which ultimately leads to more customers and ultimately more profit.

Nevertheless, here are a few words of warning. Cutting your marketing budget without ATMs can affect many. Experienced marketers know this, but are under pressure to reduce costs, however, and never more than now. Conversely, there are organizations that put up for sale as one of the principles of success in business every day. These are companies that believe that if you say, the price is ultimately more customers will come, and will start to fill the treasury. But without a system after the event, such an approach is simply a waste of money and potentially fatal to the business. This is another way.

It gained wisdom special sales and thriving business. But it is possible to maintain the effectiveness of sales on an ever-decreasing budget? To answer this question, we must first understand three things: that it is for sale these days, it is important in any case, and how do you change?

Sales in the increasing importance of
For the uninitiated, the sale is a synonym for a wide range of disciplines and services that somehow fallen into the same bucket: advertising, public relations, exhibitions and advertising. It is true that the sale includes all these and many others, but what actually is it?

Marketing is important to actively work in masks and already functioning well outsourcing for a significant period of time. In addition, sales, expansion of supplier and a shorter term perspective on the role of director of marketing have all combined to create the right conditions for outsourcing sales to implementation at the operational level, the bottom line.

As recently as ten years ago, the bill does not need to sell yourself, as we understand it today. Commercial real estate agents, developers and banks have opened their doors and customers to come to them, ready to buy. These funds are marketed as a way to rise above the competition, but there are still important to a lot of money for all of them. However, as the market broke and turns, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and new pricing models are constantly developed. In addition, in the current economic climate it is traditional pillars of the economic team.

In light of these circumstances, manufacturers have taken on a new meaning. It is very important not only for business success, but also the survival of the business. The presence of Mark’s body is not in order. It is a continuous power of the brand and reliable communication marketing strategies form the basis.

Structure, marketing is about understanding your customers and your market. What do you have to sell, you are trying to sell it, and what is the best way to get to them? In addressing these issues, the successful marketing program will include market research, identify the most appropriate channels to market and most of the media to reach the right audience, and articulate why the market should buy from them. This last point is the cornerstone for a successful sale, otherwise known as «Icon Selling Proposition”

After the sale process and why it is so important, of course, it would be easier to develop a plan and work. Unfortunately, for marketers around the world, this is easier said than done. What is the reason? Since the sale is undergoing radical changes.

Changing sale
Since the dawn of the Internet age, online sales were developed at an alarming rate. This is no time more true than today. With the advent of the so-called “Web 2.0″ in the past few years, social networks have seen the proliferation of new media and online tools have opened new channels and diffuse into the market. Marketing today is largely unrecognizable from what it was even ten short years ago.

This changes the increasing complexity of the sales process and systems. Domestic producers of the more finely dispersed, relies more on a growing list of supporting organizations, each of which is dedicated to a specific marketing activities. It also means that marketing executives and managers have taken on some of its projects under the management and administrative staff, many of them outsourced activities. Similarly, the role of Director of Marketing is fundamentally based on the projects. Marketing directors often tasked series of strategic business restructures as always turns to its products. It is imbued with the role of the short term, for example, that it is now unusual for a sales director to stay with the organization for more than two years before the transfer.

In finding a solution to challenge the results of effective marketing on a strict budget, it is necessary to implement the overall marketing agency landscape, developed out of necessity, and not in care. Outsourcing parts of a formula is not cost-effective. This means not driving sales. And there are some fundamental issues with this approach. In order sales managers are usually not the best project managers. They do not have the advanced skills required to integrate and activate a variety of online and offline activities into a single, mutually support workflow.

Outsourcing sales services is not a new concept. In fact, it is a proven way to quickly reduce costs by moving the core functions of public organizations. It was first widely applied to customer service via call centers. However, the sale and quickly discovered that if you outsource to a purely tactical basis, it can backfire on your business. It is not necessary strategic processes and controls to maintain optimum quality. Problem manufacturers how to achieve quality control in such a variety of disparate range of activities. One answer may be to combine outsourcing partners with the project management team. Another way is to integrate functions and increased outsourcing relationship and the level of a few recipes. To determine the best path, we need to understand the “selling Integration” and how it can create economic efficiency.

Works offline and online sales
Today, when the value of having an online presence as necessary, tomorrow will be blogs, giveaway content as PDF via e-mail news and newspapers, online communities and social networks will be essential for all marketing strategy, programs, and advertisements, and not only the area of ​​the front -motions.

These new ways of communicating with the market moving, as if more and more removed from the real world. In addition to keeping up with the growth, marketers are faced with the challenge of integrating online and offline channels, which they support and reinforce, rather than contradict each other.

In addition, the technology level the playing field. Now anyone can try their hand at sales. The publication of a newspaper or magazine, you can use the software and broadband. To achieve professional-quality media now available to people in the street. In the same way, on the Internet, the sale is open to all. Nevertheless, the ability to market does not guarantee success in sales. With the ease of online communication, the availability of tools for rapid analysis of market data and the speed of service, superior implementation of marketing can be done only when you are backed by a coherent business strategy and coordinated by the sale of the system. More importantly, combines traditional offline sales with many disparate forms of tactical online activities in process technology will be essential for success.

Our cost of sales effectiveness Gold
As commercial organizations continue to multiply and move in the direction of more and more specialized niches, from the old to the consolidation of services in an integrated structure. Logically, however, that would offer more Internalized costs. To avoid these costs, without compromising efficiency, suggests taking the old job outside organizations.

However, it makes little, if at the tactical level. What is needed is a restructuring of the traditional model of outsourcing and communication lines are on the same level. Strategic communication and public relations consulting work that way for several years. Terms and conditions are now right for manufacturers to get this way: to move from tactical project management and high-level framework of partnership with their out sources.